Hand Sanitiser


•  Australian Made  •  80% ethanol  •  Re-fillable bottles  

The Team @ Wik & Co. have dedicated their atelier to produce medical grade hand sanitiser, with the same attention to detail you've come to expect from Wik & Co.

With a global shortage, we wanted to do our part in ensuring Australia has a local and reliable source of hospital grade hand sanitiser available in this time of need.

This product comes with the option of either 2 x 100ml or 5 x 100ml re-usable matte black glass spray bottles. This is so you are always prepared wherever you are; One for you, one for your partner, two for the car, one for the pram.  No more lugging around a large bottle everywhere you go. Be prepared!

Soap or Sanitiser? Remember, the Department of Health recommends using soap and water wherever possible, but hand sanitiser where soap and water may not be available.

Why liquid and not gel? Our hospital grade hand sanitiser is manufactured to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) recommended formula and the World Health Organisation (WHO) formula, which does not recomend the use of gel agents and/or fragrance.

Why re-usable glass? You may not know, but there is also a shortage of bottles at present, so we want to ensure we are using something easily re-fillable. This gives us the ability to offer refills down the track if unable to source more bottles. 

How do I apply properly? Apply a palmful of alcohol-based sanitiser and cover all surfaces of the hands. Rub hands until dry.  The Glycerol should leave a silky smooth finish on your hands.