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We are a boutique fragrance house, est. In 2014 in Sydney, Australia. Our scents capture moments from a time long past. A time of simple pleasures. Exquisite craft.

In a world of instant, now, faster, we embrace slow. Our techniques belong to yesteryear. We compound ingredients instinctually, delicately, using handmade tools. Our compositions reveal the truest expression of notes within. You’ll find us working in our custom built workshop in Sydney, Australia. We’ve been here since our launch, a time when we only sold our fragrance at the iconic Kirribilli markets.

We believe in community. Our company is proudly Australian owned. We source the finest ingredients from local suppliers, collaborating with talented perfumers and other specialists.

We are inspired by places, times, our customers, each other. Our flagship fragrance was created for our wedding day.

The rest of our story is yet to come. We invite you to join our journey.

We are Chris & Anita, 
and we are Wik & Co Fragrance House.