The Complete Collection

We believe there are those who love parfum, but are yearning for something a little different, and a little left-of-field. They are searching for discoveries to make - stories they can share with others like them. We build everything inside Wik & Co. to call to these individuals.

We attract those for whom quality is not optional – the people who know that the things made by hand, from the imagination, and with passion, will always be more valuable. Bright, loud, interesting, timeless. Something different for everybody. Something strange.

We have made available the Complete Wik & Co. Collection that the world-renowned Amandine Clerc-Marie, Fabrice Pellegrin and Philippine Courtière built for the launch of Wik & Co.



1 x Brand Book featuring full spread of all images

1 x 65ml Mechant Zorro

1 x 65ml Cedrat Blanc

1 x 65ml So Tokyo

1 x 65ml Merveilleux

1 x 65ml Sicilien

1 x 65ml Hanging Gardens