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Wik and Co. started as a passion project in 2013 and in the years between then and now, has grown into something far more important than we had ever dreamed. We are set to be a globally relevant, proudly Australian boutique perfumery that will become the new favourite niche for the connoisseurs of finer things.


Since inception, our mantra has been ‘respect the craft’. As we evolved, this mantra became the very core around which we built everything. Ingredients. Techniques. Processes. Ideology. This is what will leave the Wik & Co. parfums mark etched on to the world of contemporary fragrances.

Some traditions are timeless, because time is one ingredient there will never be a suitable replacement for. Thus we wait in our atelier, and quietly watch as our fragrances develop their own depths of character through maturation and maceration so that, like fine, full-bodied wines, they can live up to their potential.


The most genuine way we respect this venerated, time-honoured craft is by respecting those who do the crafting. In our case, the world-renowned Amandine Clerc-Marie, Fabrice Pellegrin and Philippine Courtière are the perfumers with whom the Wik & Co. collection was built.

Rather than brief these olfactory masters, we selected six of these perfumers most unusual, challenging, interestingly evocative scents that had been created as passion projects in their own time, out of their own unfettered imaginations, and out of love.


These fragrances – wild, idiosyncratic, addictive – are beyond trends and above fashion. These fragrances are what we are so proud to bring into the world, and to give life to on your shelves, for the special few to enjoy.

No shortcuts. No half-measures. No copy-cats. No limits.